Each lake community in Virginia represents a unique lifestyle, so finding the right one for your family will ensure lasting happiness. Here are a few things to consider discussing with your agent to find the right Virginia lake to meet your desires.

Price Point

Obviously knowing your price point can potentially narrow down your choices. If you have a large budget you may be able to choose from all of the lakes in Virginia. If you are on a smaller budget with a desire for waterfront property your options will be limited, and you may need to be willing to give up some other wants on your list.

Waterfront VS Waterview VS Water Access

If you are thinking about a lake home, odds are you would love to be waterfront! Of course if your budget doesn’t quite match your tastes, water view or just having water access may tide you over. Many of Virginia’s lakes are set in wooded areas and so a water view can be difficult to obtain. Waterfront homes in several of the communities may come with steep declines down to the water, which could be more difficult to navigate as you get older.


Of course the biggest amenity in Virginia lake communities is the lake! But you might be interested in specific activities on the lake such as ski jumping or wake boarding which could narrow down your choices. Golf is probably the second most popular amenity, followed closely by clubhouse and restaurant options. You can find less popular activities that might be high on your list as well such as skeet ranges, horse back riding, hiking trails and more.


Some Virginia lake communities are gated and private, while others are open to the public, or at least certain areas may be open for public boating or beach use. Even if the lake is private, if the HOA or local rules allow vacation rentals there will be higher use of the lake, and potential renters in and out of homes each week or weekend, which may be a turn off for your desired privacy.


If you are a big boater you will want to learn about the types of boats that are allowed, and lake rules. Some lakes only allow electric trolling motors, or don’t allow boats with sleeping areas or toilets. If you desire a boat house, certain dock amenities, or a private waterfront beach on your property you will want to discuss these possibilities with your agent.


If you are looking for a lot in a lake community in order to build a home, make sure you discuss what you want to build with your agent. Most Virginia lakes are run by HOA’s and have specific building requirements, including the size of home you must build.