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Welcome to Virginia Lake Houses! We are a team of real estate agents that specialize in VA lake homes and the clients that love them. Virginia is home to many lakes of all sizes, from a mere 20 acres to over 2000 acres.

We can help find the lake that fits the lifestyle you desire, whether you want a gated lake community, golf course amenities, or just somewhere quiet to watch the sunset. Start exploring Virginia lakes now and reach out if you have any questions!

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Lake Anna Private Side Living VS Public Side

If you've done any research or visited Lake Anna you will probably hear the terms, private, public, warm, and cold referring to certain sections of the lake. There are advantages and disadvantages to each area of the lake, so let's discuss where each of these are and...

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Will Virginia AirBNB Laws Affect Your Lake Home?

It seems rarely a week goes by without a call from someone that would love to buy a second home but they would need it to also serve as an investment property in order to make the numbers work. It can often mean the difference between buying now or waiting until you...

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Making Your Virginia Lake Home a Vacation Rental

If you've been dreaming of a lake home you might have considered it as a second home option if you could rent it out on a short term basis to help pay the mortgage. Vacation rentals are huge, especially for waterfront homes, but you may have a few obstacles to figure...

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