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Lake Land’Or community is made up of two larger lakes and 14 smaller ponds. The largest lake is on the Land’Or side at 87 acres, large enough to allow water skiing. There is a clubhouse, beach, pool, archery, skeet range and more on this side of the community.

The Heritage side of Lake Land’Or has a smaller lake that allows electric motored boats and offers it’s own clubhouse, beach and pavilion area. The smaller ponds found throughout the community give residents wonderful views all around.

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About Lake Land'Or

Lake Land'Or is a unique lake community as it is made up of two larger lakes and many small ponds. There are two sides based on which of the larger lakes you are nearby, each with it's own amenities.

Lake Land'Or is the largest lake at 87 acres. Amenities include two boat ramps, a small clubhouse, fitness center, pavilion, pool and beach area. Gas powered motors and water skiing is allowed on Lake Land'Or. Residents can also enjoy a camping area, archery range, dog park, and skeet range!

Lake Heritage is the second largest lake, but has the larger clubhouse. The clubhouse can be rented by residents, as well as a nearby pavilion, pool and beach. Lake Heritage is fairly shallow so only electric motored boats or man powered canoes and kayaks are allowed on the lake.

There is also an historic cemetery on the north side of Lake Land'Or. Higginbottom Cemetery houses 17 potential graves, mostly of the Swann family. Wilson and John Swann were brothers who migrated to Caroline County after John married Anna Wilson of Fredericksburg VA. There are marked and unmarked graves of the Swann family members as well as the Allen family who likely managed the farm and land. You can read more about Higginbottom Cemetery here!